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ZÉLL-V premium

Sheep placenta extract is a form of cellular therapy as it activates the body’s self-repair and regenerative capabilities for optimum bodily function. Upon extensive experiments, scientists confirmed that the sheep placenta is excellent for anti-ageing due to the fact that it is rich in active cellular materials and growth factors which promote cellular rejuvenation and revitalisation, as well as transfer factors which strengthen the immune system.

For more than 1,400 years, the Chinese have used placenta to promote general health. Its benefits include enhancing body energy, skin complexion and retarding the ageing process. Today, modern science has found that sheep placenta is rich in nutrients, growth factors and placenta proteins that are able to promote cellular growth, regulate hormone secretion, strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate our cells and tissues. Moreover, sheep is considered to have one of the strongest immune system in the animal kingdom, enabling them to thrive even during cold, harsh winters. On the other hand, many other animals lack such strong life force. Thus, placenta cells obtained from the sheep also possess similar resilience and vitality, which would be transferred to the human body when taken.

Placenta is a vital organ which acts as a foetus’s source of nutrients , support and protection. As many foetus’s organs have not yet mature, the placenta is responsible for many functions which sustain the foetus’s life, including supplying it with nutrients and oxygen, and disposing carbon dioxide and waste. The placenta takes care of all the essentials for the foetus to grow and mature properly until it is ready to be born.

In order to extract the freshest and healthiest cells, and meet the strict requirements of ZÉLL-V exclusive formulation, ZÉLL-V has specially bred its sheep in the most high-tech laboratories of New Zealand using the “Close Colony” breeding method, where millions of sheep are separately bred in groups. This method effectively prevents the spread of infections disease and ensures the excellent quality of ZÉLL-V sheep placenta products. As we age, our organs’ functions will gradually decline, making us more susceptible to chronic diseases and leading to fatigue, exhaustion, overwhelming stress, insomnia, poor concentration, poor memory, depression, irritation, tension, lethargy, headache and many other disorders. Also, the increase of daily stress and pressure, environmental pollutions, unhealthy diet, pesticides, drugs, unhealthy lifestyle (smoking and alcohol addiction) and many other factors have drastically weakened the cells in our body and jeopardised our immune system, causing premature aging of our body.

Why is Sheep Placenta Suitable for Human Use?

The structure of sheep cells is similar to human cells, as such, they do not cause any rejection when taken into human body. Besides, sheep generally have a stronger immune system that other animals and natural antibodies against many diseases, hence their cells do not easily carry pathogens. This provides further assurance in the safety of the end product.

Extraction with Care

Moreover, to ensure the excellent quality of this sheep placenta extract product, ZÉLL-V always extracts the most active cellular materials from sheep placenta when the foetus is 2 months old (the golden period when the placenta has the most active cellular materials), without hurting the sheep mother and baby. The latest improved ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus softgel has been treated with Eudragit® enteric-coating technology, which can ensure the full absorption of the active cellular materials in our small intestine without destructed by stomach acids, resulting in increased stability, precise and targeted delivery, and improved bioavailability and efficacy.

Exclusive Placenta Filtration Technique

The exclusive technologies of ZÉLL-V made possible the identification and extraction of active cellular materials, growth factors and transfer factors in the sheep placenta while filtering away unwanted substances such as blood, hormones, toxins, allergens and even less active cells.

Transfer Factors

Transfer factors help immune cells identify invading germs more quickly and speed up the immune system’s response against the invasion. Shark Liver Oil As a great source of fatty acid and other numerous health-enhancing stimulants, shark liver oil encourages immune system cells to consume germs and damaged cells thus boosting immunity, fighting off infections and promoting wound healing that leads to extra natural energy and vitality.

Grape Seed Oil

Extracted from the seeds of grapes, grape seed oil contains flavonoid ‘oligomeric procyanidin’ which is incredibly high in antioxidants, with almost 50 times stronger than vitamin C or E. It strengthens the immunity, lowers high cholesterol and high blood pressure for a healthy lifestyle. As this substantial amount of active cell materials enters the body, they will influence the body’s weak and old cells to undergo self-repair and regeneration. As a result, the organs in the body will gain new vigour an optimum function. Consequently, we are able to gain better health, vitality and youth.

Close Colony Breeding Method

ZÉLL-V’s unique sheep breeding method is one of the key elements that set it apart from other sheep placenta products. In order to extract the freshest and healthiest cells, millions of sheep are separately bred in groups in the most high-tech laboratories of New Zealand using the “close colony” breeding method. Each group is tended by a specialist within a confined area. Artificially controlled living condition effectively prevents infections and diseases.

Growth factors

Growth factors stimulate cell proliferation and differentiation. They act as signalling molecules between cells amd regulate various cellular processes. There are several kinds of growth factors in each ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg capsule, all of which has a strong regenerative effect to revitalise aged and weak cells.

Remarkable Benefits for your healthy living

In addition to its great result and impact to health in general Zell-V placenta has proven a huge success in the many diabties cases as well as infertality issues including but limited to azoespermia.
  • Improve immune system against diseases.
  • Regenerates cells, tissues & organs.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Enhance stamina & energy level.
  • Increase flexibility in joints and discs.
  • Improve alertness & mental awareness.
  • Reduce pre-menopause syndrome & delay menopause.
  • Decrease pre-menstrual tension & related feminine problems.
  • Increase vigor & vitality.
  • Smoothens away wrinkles, lightens pigmentation and improve complexion.
  • Improve sleep patterns.
  • Decrease serum concentarion of cholesterol and triglyecrides.


Through high technology processing, the newly formulated ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg stabilizes the bio-active minerals and ingredients in the enteric-coated capsule ensuring full absorption of nutrients within 6 minutes to reset your health’s performance.


Just one new and enhanced ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg capsule is all your body needs for cell activation throughout 24 hours, so you can stay alert all day with ease and convenience.