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There are two types of people and business those who help nudge innovation and discoveries forward, and those who help to accelerate innovation and development in the world. We are happy to make you part of both, as we help you being fully equipped with the latest German technologies in the field of cellular therapy as well as the opportunity to be a part of one of the pioneered companies in the field of cellular therapy “ZELL-V”.
This is in addition to giving you the ability to speed up innovation and tackle the world’s biggest problems. “If you’re not disrupting yourself, someone else will.” We run our business in about 16 different counties in 7 continents, different branches all over the world. We managed to do this by picking the world’s biggest problems, And now we offer you the world’s biggest business opportunities by solving a billion-person problem that you can make a dent in. Every year Zell-v aims to provide the revolutionary treatments to everyone around the globe, and this is where you part comes in!
We encourage you to partner with us to help you make a complete and huge turn over in your life, your business as well as peoples’ life’s.

WHY Healthcare is your next Business Opportunity?

Healthcare is a compelling trillion-dollar industry which is unaffected during the economy downturn as humankind had almost certainly always desired better health, vitality and greater beauty. The demand for health and wellness products and services has remained even stronger, with product quality and efficacy always remaining as the top criteria of consumer’s choice.

Why ZÉLL-V ?

ZÉLL-V has a team of global medical specialists and cellular therapists from Switzerland and Germany, Singapore and Malaysia. We are accredited and supported by the German Society for Thymus Therapy (GSTT) which has an 80-years history, and the International Association for Organ Cell Therapy Specialists Switzerland and Germany (IAOSS). Starting from from Germany and swisserland to Singapore and the number of outlets and partnerships is growing rapidly during these years in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, United States, Lebanon, and Middle East Regions which bringing health, vitality and beauty to countless people worldwide.

Sponsored Research & Development

IAOSS is a medical and wellness association that facilitates research and development in field of regenerative medicine for Zell-V. IAOSS has supported these studies and tests in providing them with professional advice and by educating them with their up to date information in the field of anti-ageing IAOSS explored the therapeutic potential of organ extracts for cellular therapies such as the LFC- Lyophilized Fresh Cells and has successfully witnessed their potentials for rejuvenation and regeneration purposes to extend healthy human lifespan and fight most of the chronical diseases as well as premature ageing.

The German Society for Thymus Therapy (GSTT)

GSTT has a long history of research experience in the field of cellular therapy with their research It makes our products are being the best rejuvenation products in terms of technology and effectiveness for health and maintenance in Europe and the world.

Zell-V sponsoring these studies that use cellular therapy methods throughout the world. Zell-V along side GSTT and IAOSS has taken interest facilitated these researches with educational programs, medical and wellness information and technical advice to carry out their studies and has resulted with great success in treating various of cases with a different kind of diseases. Since then, these companies have gained a branding name in medical and wellness advisory board in the field of cellular therapies utilizing cellular therapy for rejuvenation, regeneration and anti-ageing.

Zell-v can provide you and your business with unlimited line of products which is manufactured specifically to suite your clients needs as well as services from all over the world that can affect millions of people in their hometown, moreover Zell-V invest in marketing and advertising with 5 almost million$ annually which your business will defiantly will take part in these campaigns. There is a lot of option you can pick on how to make business with us as well the preferable way to execute the cooperative business.

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